Posted: 08-20-2013

Written by Chris Pendergast // Photography by Bryce Lafoon Photography

The Brooklyn Arts Center lit up with the euphoric beats and vibes—and the intense laser light show—of electronic jam band Lotus on Tuesday, February 26. “This isn’t just a concert,” one ecstatic fan said. “It’s a full-blown experience.” The incredible atmosphere lasted the entire night, and the crowd raved along with it.

The band Moon Hooch opened the show with immense energy, paired with catchy, jazz hooks. This unique trio hails from Greenwich Village, where they started playing together on the subway platforms of New York City. Saxophonist Wenzl McGowen said that the band tries to include a mixture of different elements from classical, dubstep, and contemporary music. A live drum kit compliments their high-powered, dueling saxophones. McGowen described Moon Hooch’s style by saying, “It’s like house [music] but not confined to the house. It’s wild, more free, and natural to live in. We call it cave music.” This fresh and memorable jazz group warmed up the crowd in a big way for the main event.

The five members of Lotus stepped onto the glowing, fluorescent, blue-and-green stage and began the show with Kodiak, an uplifting track off their newly released album, Build. The crowd erupted as the set continued, each song flowing with its own energy, one tune into the next. Highlights of the show included the ambient fan favorite, Lucid Awakening, and the deep, electronic bass lines of Massif, a lively jam that kept the dance floor moving.

“It was a great atmosphere for a Tuesday night,” guitarist Mike Rempel said. The crowd remained energetic to the last song, inviting Lotus back for a well-deserved and high-energy encore. The band returned to the stage and played Spiritualize, an 11-minute, dynamic song and, yes, another fan favorite. After the pandemonium died down, fans gathered around for autographs. Lotus obliged, signing with smiles and their undivided attention.


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