Posted: 10-01-2013

The Brooklyn Arts Center was full-house/sold-out on Monday, September 16. Matisyahu was in the building, and he gave his fans a heavy dose of electrifying vibes presented with an exuberance that resonated throughout the show. BAC became a transcendental institution, collectively bringing the diverse collection of individuals together as one. Longtime fan Luke Blackwood said he came for a spiritual awakening. No doubt he got one.

Playing only their sixth show, opening band Magic began the evening’s journey with jovial hooks and an exceptional fusion of pop rock and reggae. The band’s debut single, Rude, included seamless harmonies and a captivating beat topped off with bright vocals. “The support was incredible,” said lead singer, Nasri Atweh. During the set, Atweh let loose, dancing across the stage with relentless energy, fueled by the welcoming enthusiasm of the crowd.

The lights came down as Matisyahu stepped on stage, and the energy in Brooklyn went sky high. BAC erupted as the opening track, Crossroads, blasted through the speakers. The bass lines shook the concert’s communal soul to its core and served as a unanimous heartbeat for the big screaming crowd. Heads bobbed, bodies swayed, and Matisyahu danced while delivering his heartfelt lyrics. His classic hit, Youth, included a blaring guitar solo that lit up the church like the laser-lights bouncing off the walls and balcony. Sunshine, Smash Lies, and Live Like A Warrior came shortly after, sending a wave of positivity over Matisyahu’s loyal fans.

Later in the night, the Jewish reggae rapper was summoned to return for an exhilarating encore. When he played King Without A Crown, the BAC shook and shouted along. Closing the concert, One Day elevated the night with beautiful chants rising into the rafters. Matisyahu then leapt into the air and surfed through the crowd, breaking the barrier between artist and spectator and intensifying the musical experience. “I was looking out into the crowd,” he said after the show. “I wasn’t going to do it, but there was a guy screaming at me to jump.” Matisyahu “swam back to shore” (the stage) and finished with a bang. He left soul-quenched and satisfied, “The venue, the sound, and the people made the entire evening perfect.”

Everyone in BAC agreed.


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