Posted: 08-31-2013
The 2nd Port City Ping Pong Throwdown

Written by Chris Pendergast // Photography by Stephanie Chavez

Ping-Pong in Brooklyn was bigger and better the second time around. On Friday, September 6, the BAC hosted The Second Port City Ping-Pong Throwdown, which featured 76 competitors playing for keeps or playing for fun or, in most cases, both. Joanne Bua took the Throwdown seriously, “I want to come out on top,” the 11-year ping pong veteran said. And she came close, putting her skills on full display.

The seven professional tables were open for a two-hour, free-play session preceding the contest. Most players entered because of their love for the game, but the stakes were still high—cash prizes hung in the balance. Plus, raffle prizes were given out during each round of play. Winners received BAC gear and Omega Sports cash cards. The already legendary Patty Wagon food truck kept fans and players satisfied throughout the evening, and the BAC cash bar took care of the liquid refreshments. Players were scattered across the big BAC floor; up-and-coming phenoms to established seniors sliced and slammed like crazy, and slowly the names on the bracket dwindled, and the BAC crowd got more and more excited.

In the end, there could only be one first place winner. Chris Wilmon prevailed as the champ, without losing a match, defeating Ryan Cook in the finale. He was honest about where he’d invest the prize money. “I’ll probably pay some bills,” he said, walking away with $275 cash and a $30 Omega cash card. Cook came in second place, winning $140 cash and a $30 Omega cash card, and Fred “Dr. Chop” VanNynatten came in third, receiving $85 cash and a $30 Omega cash card.

Teenager Henry Cutting played his way deep into the tournament before finally meeting his match. He summed up the Throwdown like this: “It was definitely tough out there. But it was great, and the most fun I’ve gotten out of ten bucks in a long time.”


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