Posted: 08-17-2013
Jackie Greene

Written by Meredith Snyder // Photography by Ty Phillips Photography

Anticipation filled The Brooklyn Arts Center on the evening of October 12 as the clock ticked closer to 8 p.m. The diverse crowd came out to enjoy the pure talent of Americana rocker Jackie Greene, whose sound is from a bluesy time, a more soulful generation.

To get the night started, fellow rocker Ruston Kelly took the stage and set the tone for by priming the already excited crowd with his poignant lyrics and vocals. By the time Greene took the stage, everyone was ready to let go and get lost in his original rocking tunes. Every member of Greene’s band was crazy good and was highlighted throughout the show, though as a unit, they effortlessy blended together to fill BAC with an unforgettable sound.

After a brilliant encore, Greene did a meet-and-greet with for his fans. There were many pictures taken and autographs signed, further illustrating how Greene is not just a talented artist but a down-to-earth individual. When the last fan finally left and the big lights had been shut down, only then did he sit down to unwind from another successful show.

Over a late-night dinner, he opened up about the band’s much anticipated 2013 album and how eager he was to get back to it. Greene said they played one potential song, Motor Home, from the new album. Once the tour ends at the end of the year, Greene plans to get back to the “nitty-gritty” and drop the new album in early Summer of 2013. Oh yes, and he said he’ll definitely be back in Brooklyn.


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