Posted: 08-18-2013
Big Gigantic

Written by Chris Pendergast // Photography by Bryce Lafoon Photography

People of all ages and wardrobes showed up at the Brooklyn Arts Center on Wednesday, November 28, to experience the 2012 Uprising Tour of popular livetronica artist Big Gigantic, with friends Cry Wolfand Ana Sia.

“We just love the music! We come here to dance and let loose,” said fans Alex Richards and Brian Hartstock. “I saw a guy dressed up as Superman on the line earlier,” Alex added, laughing. She wasn’t kidding. Many Big G fans wore costumes and clothing designs that were as wild as the atmosphere in the transformed BAC, where mobs of youngsters rocked vibrant shirts, shorts and even brought their own hula-hoops and glow sticks as accessories.

Cry Wolf was the opening act, and, with the drop of the first beat, the BAC transformed into the hippest, highest-energy dance club anywhere. They warmed up the crowd with fresh dubstep remixes of old hits like Quad City DJs’ Space Jam and Lil Jon’s Get Low. These power renditions generated an exuberant buzz in the room and left everybody wanting more.

Ana Sia answered the call and did not disappoint. She kept the party rolling with her heavy mixes and original tracks as even more kids eagerly swarmed into the Brooklyn Arts Center. Amanda Horn was blown away by Ana Sia’s performance. “I’m so impressed,” she said. “It’s so cool and different to have a girl up there producing this awesome music!”

By the time Big Gigantic took the stage, the floor was packed and at full throat. The lights faded and blue and green lasers shot from the ceiling, illuminating the room. For their first-ever show in Wilmington, Big G greeted the crowd with their upbeat hit Rise and Shine, from their new album, Nocturnal. They kept the energy pumping in the big room and grooved through more fan favorites like Sky High, It’s Going Down, and Fantastic.

The distinct, jazz melodies of tenor saxophonist Dominic Lalli mixed with the incredible live drum rhythms and dubstep of Jeremy Salkin and created the perfect storm of electronica. The energy was electric, and, yes, gigantic. The deeper the band got into their set list, the more the crowd got into it. “It’s a great feeling when the fans give back as much enthusiasm as I put into my music,” said Lalli, also the band’s producer, “and that happened tonight.”

When the set ended, the audience was so pleased that they didn’t want to leave. Even after the encore, they stuck around for a long while. They had such a great time that they didn’t want it to end.


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