Posted: 08-06-2013
Third Eye Blind

Written by Marshall Ellis // Photograhy by Lacey McClain

On a Tuesday night, February 7, the Brooklyn Arts Center hosted a band with a metaphysical namesake and a larger-than-life performance: Third Eye Blind. Taking a four-day mini tour, a break from recording their fifth album, 3eb took the stage and blew the doors off BAC. After the opener, US Royalty, a blues-rock band with a Led Zeppelin tones, warmed the crowd up, the lights went down and Stephen Jenkins walked to the microphone, glittering cell phone cameras going crazy in the church, and the band grabbed the crowd and never let go. It was the kind of screaming, cheering, dancing, rocking lovefest that Wilmington hasn’t seen in a long, long time.

Third Eye Blind tour manager Kyle Mackinnon says, “The fans keep coming, sometimes it feels like work when they’re not really into it, but when you’ve got a crowd like the one coming in here tonight, and everybody’s into it, it doesn’t feel like work, it’s fun as hell.”

The band played all their huge hits, including How’s it Going to Be? and Semi-Charmed Life, during which Jenkins led the crowd through the chorus, holding the mic over a sea of waving hands. At one point, he stopped to look at the sea of screaming faces as the lights flashed and said, “It feels really good in here; it’s like this tiny little room where I think we can really get close to each other, like we’re in this thing together.” The sold-out, BAC crowd went wild.

The sound was enormous and perfectly clear, thumping bass, screaming guitars, pounding drums, and the light show was spectacular. Multi-colored spotlights shot through the church, the chandeliers pulsed intermittently, and the bright-white pars illuminated the main floor. It was one of those crazy, impossible, intimate rock shows that can only happen when a monster band like 3eb meets a monster Port City crowd in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn Arts Center at St Andrews

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