Posted: 08-19-2013
Keller Williams

Written by Jamie Mangas // Photography by Bryce Lafoon Photography and David Blackwell

Keller Williams. He came. He saw. And he jammed. Fans of all walks of life filled the floor of the Brooklyn Arts Center on December 27 to appreciate one man’s love of music... and experience a funky, good time.

Starting the jam session was opening act Mike Silverman. Silverman, better known as That1Guy, uses an original and totally funky musical instrument he calls his magic pipe. Taking the stage with just his pipe, That1Guy put on a show like no other, including sound confusion and magic tricks. Concertgoers at the BAC danced and laughed as That1Guy set the mood for Keller Williams to take the stage.

Watching Williams perform, it is easy to experience his passion, to feel his energy, and to see how much fun he’s having. These—and his extraordinary talent—are the reasons he has successful in the music industry for more than half his lifetime. Williams explains that he is just “chasing a dream,” which has become a reality for him, a reality shared with his loyal fan base. “It is awe-inspiring to see an artist stay true to their love of music and put on a rocking one-man-jam-band show,” says Katie Cox, a concert attendee and longtime fan.

When asked if the “one-man-jam-band” was always a concept he strived for, Williams simply said, “the jam scene picks you, rather than artist picking it.” The scene chose well. And the crowd agreed as they danced and sang the night away.


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